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Apirl 3 1860, Today I went on my Frist ride. I started from St. Joseph, Missouri. They said they will expect me in ten days. It is time for supper. I'm having cron doogeres and beef Jerkey. Today I saw this animal with huge horns and I saw some with no horns.

April 4 1860, Today I covered at least ten miles and I am now at the Spilt Rock station. I'm happy that my horse is fine she is a sherwood. I think she makes it less lonely for me. Without her I would have to walk the trail. My clothes are getting dirty so I need fresh ones. The clothes I had on before were made by my mother they were made out of cotton and brown. My boots are made of lether.

Apirl 7 1860, Its my 5th day here and I saw this huge bear it had fur as black as the night sky. Its a hot day and I am swetting a lot. I'm just going to down for a little bit. Now its time to get back to the taril. I think I'm a few miles away from the station. I think my ankle got twested. finally I am here!! I told a story about a my journey to some kid that were moving west. I told about the animals I saw. Now its time to rest.

Apirl 10 1860, I saw some Indians they were very nice people. They gave me water and gave me some food. I miss my mother and father. I hope they are well. I crossed two rivers today and I saw a few mountains. Somtimes I like to play my guitar. I reched the last station. I saw some flowers they were yellow like the sun.

April 11 1860, Today I devliered the teleagraph. So now I am going to head home and take my horse as fast as she can go. I am ready to get home to my family. I reached the fist station and I'm going to do the rest of my tirp tomrrow. I'm feeling a little sick but I will make it.

April 12 1860, Today I'm happy to say I made it. So now I am home safe and sound. It was a great tirp but it is time for me to do my chores around home. Well I know my faimly is happy that I am here. I can't wait till they ask me to do another trip.



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