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Ms. Grubbs's English I Class

You are a blast! You submitted 3 or more assignments last week!Uzel A Stevie A Monet A Kristian B Christina B Nicole B William B Sean B (8) Timmisha B (15) Kaitlyn B (8) Jessie C Kasla C (7) Brent C Jordan C Winston C Ariel C Michalla D (9) Anthony F (6) Justin F Armondo F Paradise F Sean G Eric H (6) Amber J (10) Kaci J (6) Larcedious J Cody K Travis M Marissa M Mari M Angel M Christopher O (7) Shayla O Houston P Destiny P (10) Carrie P Alexis S (8) Alina S Sheldon S Andrew S (6)Cody T Jordan T Conner T Brittnie T Ashley V Anthony V Donald W (6)Kelsey W (9) Stevie W Richard W Taylor D Cody L(9)

Ms. Grubbs's ScheduleJuly 5- Vacation DayPlease be patient as grading and e-mails will be delayed. Have a wonderful 4th celerating our beautiful country!



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