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March 5, 1849All over the state we are hearing that there is gold down in California. Ma and Pa are talking about traveling over there and trying to get rich. I don't think I want to leave, then I have to leave my school, friends,and my house.March 6,1849Pa has decided to leave tomorrow. We are taking the oxen and the covered wagon so Pa is out geting them ready to go. Ma said I could take one thing, so I decided to take my lucy doll. Ma said we are bringing blankets, cabbage, rye bread, berries, a washboard , and a few of our dresses. I hope we get all this ready so I can get some sleep. We are on the road now. Ma and Pa have been getting things ready all night . Ma and I am walking beside the wagon so there is less weight for the oxen and they won't get as tired. It is hard to walk in my dress because it is to long and I keep stumbling over it.April 7, 1849It is time for supper we are having some deer meat and some cabbage. Pa just shot the deer this afternoon. Ma told me to try to find some logs or twigs around so we can start a fire to cook our meal. Ma and I just got done cleaning up supper. Pa is now telling a scary story I don't think I'm goig to stay I really do not want to have a nightmare. May 11,1849I just saw a wild horse galloping across a meadow. I was pretty sure it was an Arabian horse. Earlier this morning I saw some kind of a snake slither along side the wagon. The days are long usually because nothing happens. Just the same things over and over again. June 19, 1849 We are in Utah it is very dry and cloudy. Ma ,Pa , and I just got up and are traveling on the road again. It was a very long night for me I did not get any sleep all I did was toss and turn. Hopefully I will sleep better tomorrow night. Just think, in abouta month we will be in California! July 23,1849Pa says it will be about 20 miles until we are there I can't wait! At the beginning of the trip I was really sad that we had to leave everything. It was worth it to stop along the way especially because I got to see and stop in Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Nevada. The animals were amazing, all the wild horses, bison, deer, snakes, and all of those different kinds of birds. The hardest place to travel was the Rocky Mountains. I really can't wait to get there. July 24,1849We have ended our jouney in Sacramento. It has been a long five month trip. This has been the most amazing experice of my life .



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