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Common Sea Squirt(Didemnum molle) This species of sea squirt is very common on the coral reef, and is usually found in deep water. It can be found encrusting the rocks in large colonies. This squirt's leathery bag-like body has a white and gray or brown spotted exterior with a bright green interior. It is sometimes introduced into the aquarium on live rock.poster yourself

Tube Sponge(Callyspongia vaginalis) The tube sponge is one of the most common varieties of sponge to be found on the reef. It is distinguished by its long tube-shaped growths, and ranges in color from purple to blue, gray, and gray-green. Filtered water is ejected through the large openings on the ends. This is one of the few coral reef invertebrates that is blue in color. Photo Corel Corporation Vase Sponge(Ircinia campana) The vase sponge is a common species found in the Caribbean off the eastern coast of Florida. It is characterized by a large bell shape with a deep central cavity. This sponge grows up to 2 feet wide and 3 feet high. It ranges in color from purple to red and brown, and is found attached to rocks near the sandy bottoms. Photo Aris Entertainment Yellow Sponge(Cleona celata) This small yellow sponge species is commonly found throughout the Pacific coastal waters of the United States. It is found growing in small colonies, and ranges in color from orange to bright yellow. This sponge and can be found encrusting rocks on the coral reef face. Photo Corel Corporation Red Tree Sponge(Haliclona compressa) This bright red sponge species is very common throughout the Caribbean Sea. This sponge usually grows to a height of about 8 inches. This is one species that is easy to keep and can do relatively well in a home aquarium environment. These sponges require a moderate water flow and dim light to do well



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