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I am in 2nd grade. I have a congenital hearing impairment that makes me self conscious in school. It's gotten worse since my only friend moved away.

Sign Language Interpreter

Special Education Teacher


Nakisha lives here with me, her mother, 2 brothers & 1 sister since her father died. We did think about a cochlear implant, but we are unable to afford it due to her mother's mounting medical bills.

Classroom Teacher

Nakisha has been refusing to go with the special ed teacher, falling asleep in class, asking for help even when she doesn't need it, and asking to go to the nurse during P.E. These changes in her behaviors are affecting her learning and ability to acquire new friends.

Speech Pathologist

Nakisha & I have been working together since pre-school. Her speech has made tremendous improvements. Yet, I feel it would be best for her to go to a school that specializes in hearing impairments.

Nakisha is fluent in sign language and lip reading. I worry that she relies on me too much.

How can we meet Nakisha's needs & stay within a budget?


Hearing Loss Example

What is it like to have a hearing impairment?

IQ = 98performance = 100verbal = 80zoning out



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