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Big Bend National Park

1. They say that things are bigger in texas.2. The state park is located along the Rio Grande on the boundary of texas.3. The name comes from the vast curve of Rio Grande.4.It has three parks in one mountains,desert,and river environments.5.people camp at Big bend national park.6. People hike drive go by the river and more.7.During the early historic period several Indian groups were recorded as inhabiting the Big Bend.8.The park opened to visitors on July 1, 1944.9.In recent years only 300,000-350,000 visitors have entered the park annually.10.There are five paved roads in Big Bend.

Big Bend National park Video

The Big Bend park was founded long ago in 1944. why it was founded is because people wanted to camp, rockclimb, and injoy them self. Also the big bend national park is old its been there for centurties in is still here today in the united states.It is hot in the desert and cold near the river and also warm by the mountains. they also have different kinds flowers.



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