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March 1849,My name is Bob Anderson. We just got word that there is gold in california. Ma and pa don't know if it's true or if someone is pulling our legs. P.S. I don't what to leave my friends in Clevland, Ohio.May 1849,My family is so excited, but I'm mad and sad. I told ma and pa I don't want to go, but they don't listen. We're packing the wagon right now with things like some pans, foods: such as ham, fish, beef, rice and a lot of that stuff, clothes, and of course wood for a house that we'll build. Ma said she was to scared to come with us so it's just pa and I. And I had to clean the oxen!June 1849, We'll we haven't ran into indians or other trouble yet, exept our pan fell out of the wagon and I fell right in the mud. Now I'm dirty, and my hat, shirt, pants, and boots. But the nice sunshine keeps me happy. The animals are amazing there are oxen, cows, pheasants, wild dogs, and horses. There is also trees, grass every were , and even mountains. P.S. I am glad we waited till may to go to californiaJuly 1849,Today we passed through Omaha it had buildings, stores, banks, and alot of people. I'm kind of getting sick because it's getting colder. It's night now dad just told me a scary ghost story, i'm going to have nightmares for the rest of my life.August 1849, We had to go up mountians today, we just about lost a pan going up the mountians but I caught it before it hit the ground. Pa had to go to the top of the mountian and pull. We ended up not losing anything.November 1849 Sacramento, CA,We have reched California It's awesome here I guess I'm not mad anymore. Bob Anderson



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