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We will be working on our National/State Park project. NO Spelling Unit this week. No Journal Prompt this week.

Learning Safari this Friday, 25th.3rd Grade End of Year Presentation on May 29, at 1:00 in the mulit-purpose room..

This is the second week of a 2 week Park Project. This week you will be using your notes and research to begin creating your National Park, (remember to think of the history, recreational activities, and natural habitats of your park).Use the following essential questions to guide your park creation:* What natural habitats can be found within your park? And create a food web that depicts one habitat and the creatures that live within it.* What natural attributes/properties and or historical events lead to the naming/creation of your park? What is the main reason that your park needs to be created?* What is the perimeter of your park? And create a map that includes a legend/key to your park's activities and features.You will create a presentation that includes a map of your park (glogster, minecraft, poster board, lego, etc.) and an oral report persuading your state's Governor to follow your suggestion and make your park reality.

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