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fightlike a girl -charlene

inmyprayers -kathya warrio

thinking of you - jena warrio

keep on fighting! -jackie

staypositive -caroline

thinking of you each day-bonnie

you are in my thoughts -rachel

staystrong Roseanne -danielle

keep smiling & look ahead -debbie

yourstrength isinspiring -melissa

i will keep you in my prayers -sue collinsa warrio

continued thoughts & prayers your way -rita

positive thoughtscoming yourway -ginaa warrio

love & good thoughts to you, Dan & the girls-louise

thoughts & prayers are with you-nancy

thinkingof you -tamithoughts & prayersare with you. feel good! Dana

your strengthis inspirationalkeep fighting; we miss you. -liz lthoughts & prayersare with you. feel good! Dana

thinking of you always-kristen

you arein my thought!keep the sunshinegoing -sherri

youarem,issed -dee

believe -sandy

justbeatit -ellen

keep going!you cando it! -julia

thoughts &prayers are with you!feel good! -danathoughts & prayersare with you. feel good! Dana



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