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Feb. 23, 1836 Hi my name is Frank Kindle today we are getting ready to travel to the Alamo. I began to pack blankets, food ammunition, and guns, but that wasn't much to pack. It is going to take about one week to get their. Feb. 24, 1836We've been traveling on foot and by wagons the oxen have been pulling the wagon. We have seen many amazing animals like pheasent, and a donkey witch was odd because we are barely out of texas and thats were we started. So we played the best game when we saw the donkey again I shouted pin the tail on the donkey. Feb. 25, 1836We are almost there to the Alamo. We have bean lucky because we have not lost anything along the way. My britches, brogens, and coat all got covered in mud along the way the same as everyone else. On the way we ate the food we packed such as pheasent. Feb. 26, 1836It has been a long journey to the Alamo but it is getting harder to get their because we have had to cross a river. On the way a solder named Davy Crocket died. Stuff we did for entertainment was we would have target practice and tell stories.March. 6, 1836We are so happy because we one we didn't run into indeans and that finaly we made it we now we have all agreed to sleep.



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