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In this picture it symbolizes diversity. It symbolizes it because it showing many different backgrounds in one body. This school we are in is one of the most mixed groups I have seen. It is diverse because you have Muslims from all around the world with one goal in their mind which is pleasing Allah.poster yourself


This tree represents Jake because on the left side he was the old Jake and his lungs, he is poor in soul, and the way he acts to people is very horrible. Then he gradually starts to look how people are nice to him and are not caring at the bad things he is doing so he starts to become one of the most phenomenal students at the Applwhites School.

This picture represents E.D. because she has a good side and also a bad. she listens to herself and wants to be at the center of attention and is willing to do anything to be their[good or bad] . It also represents goodness in her because she is very organized and wants to get good grades but if she wants to be in the center she is going to lack in her grades.

This question mark represents Destiny because Destiny loves to ask questions. Another reason why we have a question mark because Destiny is curious and a qusetion mark can symbolize someone curios. The picture next to it symbolizes the enviroment because it shows many people and all the people of Destiny's enviroment form him

The rising action is the story is when jake found that he was being an influence on Destiny and he just wanted to become respectful so that Destiny could be a better person too.



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