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Marie CurieBorn on Nov.7, 1867 in WarsawDied of Lukamia in 1934Married Pierre Curie in 18951903 earned a doc. science degree 1906 became a professor in general physicsshe discovered raidum and poltioumwon the Nobel Prize in chemistry for the atomic weight of radium in 1912she invented the ''X-ray vans'' during World War 1

Albert EinsteinGerman theoretical PhysicistBorn in 1879Died in 1955published over 300 scienctific worksand over 150 non scienctific workswon Nobel Prize in Physics and discovery of law of the photoelectric effect in 1921known for his theory of relativity and specifically mass energy equivalence E=MC 2invented the Einstein Refrigerator in 1926

Thomas JeffersonBorn April 13, 1743Died 1826re-engineered the plowinvented wheel cipher, Sundial, great clock, portable copying press, automatic double doors,bookstand,.

Thomas EdisonBorn Feb.11, 1847Died Oct.18, 1931invented tin foil phonograph in 1877know for his invention of the lightbulbalso invented motion picture camera



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