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The Lost HeroRIck Riordan

Level 3 Question 1Why was Leo so scared to use his power again and why did he keep it from his friends?

Level 3 Question 2What was Drew feeling when she was challenged and how would you feel?

The Lightening Thief Preview

TimelineExposition- Having amnesia, the main character, Jason finds himself in an unknown area.1. Jason, Leo, and Piper discover they are half-bloods or demigods and a great demigod, Percy Jackson, is missing from the camp , Camp Half-Blood.2. They are sent on a quest to find the missing goddess and very unpredictable, Hera, goddess of Heaven.3. The Mother of Earth, Gaea is waking the most evil mortals to walk the Earth once again and eventually destroy the Olympian Gods.4. After slaying hordes of monsters , the three main characters, find and rescue Piper's dad.5. An angry Hera is found........ being guarded by the king of god slayers.Climax. The giant flees after feeling the wrath of Hera. 1. Jason, accidentally injured by Hera's transformation into god form, mysteriously heals from certain death.2. Piper and Leo are seen as great leaders and are promoted to head captains.3. A council is made at camp to discuss the latest happenings.Resolution- Jason was a great demigod at another camp, he was switched with Percy Jackson, for a unknown reason.

Topic and Theme Two topics of this story are: camp and action-adventure. Camp is an important topic that is easy to connect with the reader. Most readers are familiar with concepts of sharing cabins, work duty, outdoor games, and eating in common areas. Which is why Rick Riordan also wrote the action, adventure of demigods, satyrs and centaurs within the boundries of a normal summer camp. Action was important because of the many battles that occured throughout the story that made you keep reading. The first theme is that, it's important to be with people like you. The demigods felt like misfits in the real world, but when they found a camp of kids exactly like them, they were happy. A second theme is that good is always required to fight evil. In every story there is a conflict. In most action novels, the good fight the evil with justice.Without this, the story would be boring ,or in the evil side's POV.

AphroditePiper's mom. She is the goddess of beauty, formed from the ocean waves.

ZeusJason's dad. He is lord of the sky. He is loud, reckless, and violent.

HephaestusLeo's dad. He is lord of fire and the forges. He was cast off a cliff at birth.

Compare and Contrast The movie I chose to go with my book is Lord of the Rings 3, LOTR3. They are very similar in various ways. A theme to The Lost Hero is that it's important to be with people like you, and in the movie,LOTR3, the small, simple, yet powerful hobbits join forces. Also, the main charactors are very much alike. Jason, in the book is the leader who is young but very powerful. In LOTR3, Frodo, the leader is tiny but strong. Additionally, there are other similarities. In the book, Hera is a necessary evil. In the movie, Gollum is required to lead them to the volcano, and he is obviously terrible. One large similarity is that in both stories, simple people, who don't know what they are capable of, fight evil. With many other similarities there are also major differences. The timeline of Lost Hero is modern day fused with greek mythology. LOTR3 occurs in medieval times which is the 5th to 14th centuries. Although these stories have their differences, the biggest common element is that the greater good - Earth and the survival and future of mankind depends upon average simple people.



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