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What were the strategies that Alexander the great used in his campain and how did his influence affect future leaders?

Fact questions: What were the strategies and formations that he used?, Did his image shape future leaders?, What was his political affect?,What was his affect militaraly?, and What was his mental affect?

What were the strategies and formation that he used?

The Macedonian Phalanx. The pikes used are Sarissas a two handed spear. The first four to five rows of Sarissas extended beyond the front line. The rest of the sarissas pointed up wards to break the impact of missiles. When the front four to five rows were killed the next four to five rows replaced them. There were 16 men in each row and 16 rows. 256 was the smallest phalanx unit.

He made sure that there were Open line of comunication supplies, security, relentless persut of foes, and suprise.

He also used the hammer and anvel strategy, oblique infanty formation, the "mouse trap", single envelopments and recon

Did his image shape future leaders?

His image inspired Julius Caeser "I came I saw I conquered". Julius got that idea from Alexander. Napolean bonaparte" I will divide and conquer". He also got that from Alexander.

What was his affect mentaly?

What was his affect militaraly?

He planted his image deep into history. His idea was to conquer the the world. The Persians and Indians opposed him. But the Egyptians welcomed him they just wanted to get rided of the Persians.

He was the ONLY leader to conquer the middle east. His strategies were used by leaders after him. He is and was and icon for many people.

What was his political affect?

He made sure that the strongest would be his sucsseser( even though the empire was divided into pieces).

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