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Wait till Helen Comes

In the book a family moves to the country, and the little sister started to talk to a ghost. She makes threats then Helen comes and makes there rooms a mess. They warn heather not to go to hapors place it was old and she could fall through the floor. But she still went there to talk to heather. One day Molly went there and saw Heather with Helen and was wanting to heather to drown her self in the pond. Molly jumped in after her and saved her before she drowned. Then they feel through the floor of harpors place and found two skeletons. They stayed there for a while but then there parents came and saved them.

I like how they put the book together. The scenes felt real like that it would have happened that way. Description of the characters I could see them in my mind. It did get very descriptive. That is what I like about the book.

"Wait, just wait till helen comes."

"I have come."

"Stop, don't do it!"

Mary Downinghan


Book reveiw

Time: Past

Setting: In the Country

Place: Church



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