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By :Jessica Hurst

Scott Stapp (lead singer of Creed)

The reason I picked Scott Stapp because i leisten to Creed all the time . I think they are one if not the best groups there is but that is my opinon . The ohter reason is I piccked them is because he is not just singing about a fairytale or solmething that is not really. Another reason is you can hear what he is singing .

The Christian community latched onto a lot of my music, because there were a lot of things about my struggle they related to.

But I didn't really want to come out and be identified as a Christian, because I didn't want to be a hypocrite, because my life wasn't right.

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everyonemesses up and does something wrong but i have learned from mine

When something like that happens, people want to try to find some dirt and make it more of a soap opera.

Scott Alan Stapp was born Anthony Scott Flippen on August 8, 1973 in Orlando, Florida. He in now an American singer and songwriter best known as the lead singer of the band Creed. ASfter becoming friends with guitarist Mark Tremonti . They decided to form a band.After recruiting Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips, Creed was formed in 1995. Till this day they are still one of the best bands to me..



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