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Protests of the 60's

Hippie Movement

Anti- War Protests

Black Power Movement

Anti- Draft Protests

Gay Rights Movement

Civil Rights Movement

Student Movement

Women's Movement


Environmental Movement

-An attempt by African Americans to end discrimination-Led by Martin Luther King-Black Power: focused on empowering blacks andencouraged segregation

-Challenged society by isolating themselves from it-Tried creating their own society & culture-Changed their style of clothing,music, and using drugs such as LSD

-Black people and white people treated differently -Enlarged the aims of theCivil Rights Movement

-Young men were forced to fight-Draft card burnings were held-People were against the Vietnam war

-Women were pressured bysociety-They began to protest theirroles they were given, such as answering phones

-Composed mainly of white college students -Their goal: to fight racism and poverty, increase student's rights,and end the Vietnam War-Many activists rejected governmentand school adiministration policies

-Both John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy were assassinated-Martin Luther King and Malcom X were both assassinated -Caused government to lobbyfor stronger gun control

-Began in Berkeley, California-People were against fighting in the Vietnam war-Protests became very violent across the country after students were murdered at Kent State

-Laws in most states prohibited homosexual acts-Americans found it acceptableto harass homosexuals-The movement was to try and gainacceptance of homosexualityand make people comfortable with their preferance

-Many Americans became politically active and focused on protecting the environment-Rachel Carson published a book and explained the damgage that chemicals do to our environment, many other books were later published following the same idea-Television begain airing commercials that focused on environmental disasters

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