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Feb. 1,1836 My Ma n Pa can't afford the taxes so now we are moving to Texas, because they are giving away free land. If they don't get more people in Texas the Spanish will attack Texas. Since they don't need me at the farm anymore, I am going to join the army like I have always wanted to. Feb. 10, 1836 Now that I have got to the Fort I am going to start training. Each day we will eat rabbitt and rice. Today during boot camp I saw a strange looking lizard. The guy next to me said to stay away from the lizard because it was poisonous. The next day will be target shooting with our rifles. Feb. 17, 1836During the first week of target shooting, someone's gun backfired and injured the guy next to him. After the first week of target shooting we have started our bayonet training. We had to practice attaching the bayonet to the rifle and reloading the rifle. Tonight I have been thinking that it was a mistake to join the army. My cloths are torn up and you can not send a letter to your family until your done with training. Feb. 20, 1836Today we were not fed because the food supply did not come in. We do not know why so we sent out a scout. Some of the people during today's training started to complain so they had to do 50 push ups. Tonight I heard rumors that we would be going on a mission called the Alamo. Feb. 23, 1836Our cloths are all torn up and most of us had holes in our shoes. Today Davey Crockett came to inform us about the Alamo. Not even he had decent cloths. He told us that the scout did not return. Tonight I could not sleep because I was worried about dying at the Alamo. Feb. 26, 1836Today we march to the Alamo. I do not think I will write in my journal again. If anyone finds this, give it to Barbara and John Hawkins in Houston, Texas.



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