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Redbank Valley needs to answer a wake-up call-- our cell phone policy needs to change.If child obesity is the biggest health problem in the United States, wouldn’t gym class everyday be a great solution to fix that?Why not take a step forward and let RVHS students have more technology?Why do we punish our students for being in sports by giving them more homework?Gym class every day is the healthy choice. Isn’t the healthy choice, really the only right choice?This rule (no talking in the hall after lunch) is so unfair- it leaves me and 600 other students speechless.

Will you try to change the lunches, or will you just keep eating the overpriced, unhealthy food?So can you tell me why we take three 4sight test before the PSSA’s and one after them?If you want us to stop acting like children, stop treating us like children. Give us the respect to make the choices for what we wear every day!So, I encourage you to let us start a recycling program in Redbank Valley High School.If other schools in Clarion County can provide healthy food options for their students, why can’t Redbank, the biggest school in Clarion County, afford to do that also?



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