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"Jobs of Plains Women"by LukePlains women worked hard. Some women took the place of women and were warriors. Women worked hard with others. One of the things they did together were they farmed. Some of the things they grew were corn, beans, and squash. They retrieved water from streams, made clothing, and arranged tipi furnishings. Women were great artists. They made baskets, containers, robes, cradleboards, and moccasins decorated with beads. Women traded with Europeans. That's how they got the beads. Women also helped each other when someone was ill or having a baby. Once the men were done with a hunt, the women butchered the animals. Women defended the camp if the men were gone on a hunt. They defended the camp from animal attacks or enemies. Women gathered fruits and veggies when ready for harvest. They dried and stored buffalo meat for future use. Women told stories or legends to the children. Those are some of the jobs that Plains women had!Kalman, Bobbie, Life in a Plains CampNative Languages of the Americas. Retrieved on February 2, 2012

"Jobs of Plains Men"by Joey and LouisDo you want to learn about Plains men? We will tell you about their jobs. Men tried to protect their families and bands. Men also taught the boys how to make weapoms. Some men did women's jobs . Men went to war to defend their families. Men traded things like buffalo fur and wool blankets. Men made dangerous weapons like spears. Men hunted buffalo. Men told stories. Chiefs are men. These are some of the jobs Plains men had.Kalmen, BobbieLife in a Plains CampRetrieved February 1, 2012

"Jobs of Plains Chlidren" By: Anna and Hannah Do you want to now jobs of children? When the dads taught the boys how to fish get on horses and kill the buffalo. The moms taught the girls how to make dolls and baskets. Also the men taught boys how to kill the other animals and boys practice caring the animals that they hunted on horse back. Moms taught there children how to cook foods that the boys and dads hunted. The Native Americans also lived in expanded families witch included 100 or more people. Those were the jobs of children.“Life in a plans camp” Kalman,Bobby. Retrieved on January 26, 2012.

"Jobs of Plains Native Americans" by Luke, Louis, Anna, Hannah, and Joey



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