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United States

About 75 percent of Americans have ancestors who came from Europe. African Americans, and Hispanics, each total about 12 percent each. Native Americans, make up about 1 percent of the population.

Education - Each state is responsible for providing public education for youngsters until they are at least sixteen. Most student complete the twelfth grade by age seventeen or eighteen.

Climate - Because of it's size and geographic diversity, climates throughout the country are varied. It is generally humid east of the Mississippi River and dryer west of the Mississippi River.

Americans enjoy playing football, basketball and baseball as well as soccer, cycling, racquetball, hockey, tennis, swimming, golf, bowling, jogging, and aerobic exercise.

Public mass transit is not very well developed in the United States so most people travel by car. The train system is limited so many Americans travel by air for long distances.

The majority of Americans speak english. Most americans have not mastered a second language. Seventy percent of American enjoy owning their own home.

Leisure activities include watching television, going to movies, reading, surfing the internet, spending time with friends, attending music concerts, and traveling.


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