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Good Morning! Welcome to Motivation, Management, and MediaDay 2!

The top five reasons teachers tell us they love Storybird. : Inspirational The gorgeous illustrations inspire students to write. The more they write, the more they read. It's an addictive, virtuous cycle. Simple Making Storybirds is easy. Students focus on writing as a result, not clicking. Teachers, in turn, can focus on teaching. Social Students can share and comment on each other's work, bolstering confidence and skill, within a private and safe environment. Shareable Stories can be embedded on blogs, shared via email, downloaded, printed, gifted—even turned into a class fundraiser. It. Just. Works. Storybird exudes care and craftsmanship, from the art to the interface. Everything works so that your work is everything.

Your morning assignment : 1) Go to www.Storybird.com2) Log-in to our class. Your username is: yourfirstnameEDCO (exampe: LizEDCO) and your password is: Sudbury. 3) Click on "Class" where you will find your morning assignment. Click on your assignment for more directions! 4) Have fun!

Click hereto go to Storybird!

Digital Storytelling is the practice of using computer-based tools to tell stories.



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