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Religion What was the titile of thier religion? Who or what did they worship? How did they worship?

GovernmentWhat type of governmnet did his civilization haveWho was there leader? What was a governmnet responsibility.

Writing Tell what your civilizations writng systems wsa called. How was it used? Provide an example( Write your civivlzations name in the ancient symbols your civilzation used.

Job SpecializationWhat type of jobs did this civilization have? Give three and explain their responsibilty.

Cities Name at least two cities that were a part of your ancient civilization. Provide two sentences that describe what these cities were like.

Civilization Title

For each feature provide a two sentence description as well as two examples of what that featuremay look like today.

You must have at least 8 text boxes. These will be for you post information about yourfeatures. Write each feature at the top of your text box.

You will be able to earn extra credit if you add music from your civilization to your glogster.

Public WorksWhat type of jobs did your civilization have? How did your society depend on these jobs?

Arts and ArchitectureWhat types of customs did your civilization have? What types of buikdings did they create? How was art used?



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