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When animals have to fight for food sources, the weaker ones die off.

Pollution in the air, foreign toxins introduced to an area and of the environment with trash can kill off food sources.

Pesticide is a sample of foreign toxin. Pesticide can kill off the bugs, but during rain or watering the pesticide gets washed into the rivers or water supply. This kills off either food supply for animals or the drinking source for humans. We are one piece to teh puzzle.

This media asset was adapted from "Deliverance From Oil: Ten Years in the Wake of the Exxon Valdez" by KTOO.

A German study proved cows face a different direction when under powerlines. It messes with their orientation. The magnetic fields that we have introduced to the environment have impact on our health as well. What other human introductions have influenced behavior of animals and how ahs their behavior change influenced their ecosystem?


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