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Treatments Radiation Is one of the most commonBesides Chemo

How does Rediation work?It kills the cancer cellsbut NOT the good cells.

Is there certain places you can not use redaition?Well no, but every part of the body has its limitations. For example the lens of the eye you're not going to put a lot of it on that little part. Other parts can take more, like the liver could take mor than the eye lens.

What are the side effects?It depends on where the redaition is put.In the brain hair loss.In the stumach you'll get sick.

Why doesn't rediation go through lead?Because lead is very dense. It has a high atomic number. It's atomic number is 82.

Common Cancer Treatments

After redaition does cancer come back?Yes it does not always cure it. Remember there is no actual cure.

Chemo-treatment of cancer using drugs that have direct tumor-killing properties

Some of the time you can't get the drug into the bloodstream through he stomach you have to inject them directly into the bloodstream.




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