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"What the Anishinabe do at Celebrations" by Lucie, Annie, and LaurenThe Chippewa Native Americans celebrate in many ways. One way they celebrate is before every war, they had a dance called the Chief Dance ceremony. When the hunters shot a bear, they also had a reason to celebrate. Their was also a ceremony when someone died. The men pound on drums and sing. The women dance to the mens’ songs on the drums. Many celebrations include singing, eating, dancing, and storytelling. Lacrosse is often played at celebrations. Celebrations include families and friends gathering together in a big group. Those are some of the reasons and what they do at celebrations.Walker, Niki. Life in an Anishinabe Camp. Retrieved on December 21, 2011.Tribes of Native Americans: Ojibway by Marla Felkins Ryan. Retrieved on December 21, 2011New Advent: Catholic Encyclopedia C: Chippewa Indians. Retrieved on January 3, 2012.Frances Densmore: Chippewa Customs. Retrieved on January 3, 2012.Ojibwa (PBS documentary). Retrieved on January 3, 2012.

" Why Anishinabe Celebrations" by Noah, Griffin, and LandonThe Anishinabe celebrated for many different reasons. One reason was for fun. This included lacrosse and snow snake. Another reason was for spiritual use. They learned traditional songs and dances in their childhood. The Anishinabe also told spiritual stories starting at the first snowfall in winter and ending at the first thunder bolt in spring. Another thing they did was naming ceremonies where they got their nicknames. The Anishinabe also offered tobacco and food to spirits to pray for their warrior’s safe return. Also, when Anishinabe hunters killed a bear, they held a ceremony and promised the next bear they saw they would let it go free. Those are some reasons the Anishinabe celebrated. References:Book: life in an Anishinabe campWebsite Name: Kid Info Bitsposter yourself

"Anishinabe Celebrations"By Lucie, Annie, Landon, Griffin, and Noah


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