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'' Sir Gawain and The Loathly Lady''

Aaron Robert Guy Hamelin

1. He was king of britain.2.A Grail knight. He is compaired to a lion. He drew the magical sword out of marble and received the shield of King Mordrain.3. The most famouse Knight. Lancelot liked to win any battle he started.4. The Perfect Knight. Gawain was the first knight to symbolise the paragon of courage and chivalry. He was used as the yard stick to mesure the power of the other nights with.5. The original Grail Knight. Perceval has great strength and natural skills in jousting and swordsmanship. Galahad replaced him as the hero of the Grail legends.6.Lionel, like the other knights of the Round Table, he took part in the Grail quest. Lionel was captured by two knights where he was badly beaten. He is cousin of Lancelot7. Tristram is know as the Knight that loved Isolde the Fair.8. Gareth was brother of Gawain.9. After the war on france Bedivere was given the task of normandy.10. Sir Bleoberis was known to be arrogant.11. The unlucky knight. Sir La Cote never had luck.12. Sir Lucan was believed tp also be a butler.13. The Saracen Knight. He was killed by Gawain.14. Son of Pelinor. One of the 6 Knights that were listed better than Gawain.15. A Grail knight. He was brother to Lancelot.16. Sir Safer was one of the least known of the Knights.17. Sir Pelleas was one of the 6 Knights listed better than Gawain.18. Foster-brother of King Arthur. He told Arhtur to fetch a sword for him and Arthur pulled Excalibur from the rock.19. Sir Ector was half brother to Lancelot.20.. Sir Dagonet was a coward that always fled. He often bosted his shield saying that he was just in a fight and won.21. Not mutch is known about Sir Degore.22. Sir Brunor completed a quest that no one else could complete.23. Not much is known about this Knight.24. Not much is known about this Knight.25 Sir Mordred was the son of a King.

1 King Arthur2 Sir Galahad3 Sir Lancelot du Lac4 Sir Gawain5 Sir Percivale6 Sir Lionell7 Sir Tristram de Lyones8 Sir Gareth9 Sir Bedivere10 Sir Bleoberis11 Sir La Cote Male Taile12 Sir Lucan13 Sir Palomedes14 Sir Lamorak15 Sir Bors de Ganis16 Sir Safer17 Sir Pelleas18 Sir Kay19 Sir Ector de Maris20 Sir Dagonet21 Sir Degore22 Sir Brunor le Noir23 Sir Le Bel Desconneu24 Sir Alymere25 Sir Mordred

Who Is King Arthur?King Arthur was a british king who led the defence of Britain against Saxon invaders in the early sixth century.

Knight's Name Famouse Action

Who Where the Knights?

I'm ugly because I was walking down the road when I saw the shiniest penny on the road. I went to pick it up and got ran over by a fleing wagon. My whole body was mangeled up and I still needed to get to the hospital. I useed my arms to pull me threw a small forest witch was a short cut to the hospital, When a pack of wolfs started mauling me and chewing my face of. By the time I made it to the hospital I was ugly but I made a deal with a witch on a potion that would only make me beatiful again for 12 hours per day. I took That potion because its better than nohing. But It made me better by night until I found a husband.

Why the round table?The knights sat around a round table instead of a rectangulaire table because on a round table there is a head of the table so it makes one persone more important than the rest. On a round table everyone seems equal.

The loathly lady's features :- A freak.- A monster.-Her nose was a pig's snout.-Yellow horse teeth where in her misshapen mouth.- Her teeth were covered in sores.-She had one rheumy, red rimmed eye.-few strands of hair.Her body was swolen and bent out of shape.-Gnarled and twisted fingers like tree roots.

Why is the Loathly Lady ugly?

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