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‘Roles of the Anishinabe Women ’These are what the women gathered. Women gathered lots of nuts , berries, seeds and plants for cooking. Women also gathered rash , reeds and plant fibers. These are items to make useful things like wepons and pots for cooking. The Anishinabe also gathered birch bark to make baskets. That is what the Anishinabe women did.By Iain Native Languages Of The Americas. Retrieved on January 2,2012 Life in a Anishinabe camp. Retrieved on January 3 2012.

What Women MakeDo you know what women make? They make clothing, bedding and storage containers. They make storage containers out of birch bark. Women often make the things men trade. Women make clothing from stalk fibers and tanned hides. Women also make small wigwams for their daughters when she goes though puberty. These are some things that women made. By Porter J.Kid Info Bits. Retrieved on December 21,2011.Life in a Anshinabe camp. Retrieved on December 15,2011.

Anishinabe HuntingHave you ever wondered how the men of the Anishinabe hunted? The men of the Anishinabe used special tactics to hunt down animals. Some tactics were snares and traps. Hunting and fishing were very important in the winter and late fall. Another thing that the men do is spear fish year round. Men use the bow and arrow or snares to hunt. They hunted mink, rabbit, deer, and many other animals. They also used nets to fish. Those are some ways the Anishnabe hunted and fished.By Jack and Curtis Retrieved on January 3, 2012. Keyword: Chippewa Daily life of the Native Americans. Retrieved on January 3, 2011

Woman cookingDo you want to learn about the native American woman’s roles? Women often cooked one meal a day and was eaten in the afternoon. Women usually served fruits, vegetables and wild rice. Women cooked their soups in containers made of birch bark.By Abby Life in an Anishinabe camp- retrieved on December 20th 2011

Ojibwa Trading Do you want to learn about the Ojibwa tribe about how they do their trading? Well, look here. The Ojibwas traded furs which was a booming business in North America from 1500-1800s. They also traded furs for weapons or metal goods. When the Ojibwas killed a bear they held a ceremony for the bear. Foods that the bears like such as berries and maple sugar were placed next to the body. They promised the Great Spirit that if another bear got killed in their way they would held a ceremony for that bear too. The carefully cut the bear and every body ate a little piece. That is about trading By Lucia Britannica, Retrieved on January 3,2012 Kid InfoBits, Retrieved on January 10, 2012



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