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I am doing my report on 2 types of chipmunks. The Asian chipmunk, and the Eastern chipmunk. The Eastern chipmunk lives in all parts of North America, while the Asian chimunk lives in most of Asia and parts of Europe.

I'm the Eastern chipmunk!

I'm the Asian chipmunk!

The Eastern chipmunk has a grayish brownish fur which helps it sort of blend in with all of the trees in the area

The Asian chipmunk has a yellowish fur which also helps it hide inside things like bamboo forests and other things like that. Th Eastern and Asian chipmunks eat things like berries, nuts and small insects. They like to make there homes in the ground like a burrow, and in trees like birds.

Chipmunksof all kinds store food as an adaptation because of all the other animlas that will be looking for food after winter. So, they store food for the winter before they go to hibernate.

Chipmunks have a few adaptations such as storing food for winter and running into thei burrows if a snake is heard or a hawk is seen

Well, chipmunks may be small, but they have alot of information about them, so you should really look 'em up on www.national

The scientific name for the Eastern chipmunk is Tamias striatus and the Asian chipmunks scientific name is, Tamius sibricus.



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