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My dad works in the manufacturing field as a precision sheet metal programmer in the engineering department.

How my dad uses mathematics at his work =D

My Dad, the Sheet Metal Programmer :D

He's been working at this occupation for the last 4 years. But he's been in the manufacturing field for the last 20 years.

He had to have basic knowledge on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. He also had to know fractions and trigonometry. He had to have knowledge of different types of metal and how they stretch when force is applied to the metal. He uses a machine ( press brake ) to bend the material. He also had to have knowledge on computer aid design ( CAD ),Pro/Engineering, Solid Works, Fabriwin, and other assistance software.

Example 1:my dad uses math to calculate how much the material is going to stretch when force is applied to it.

Example 2:He also uses math to calculate how much material he's gonna need to use to complete and order request.

Example 3:He also needs to use math to estimate how much time it's going to take on the machine.

Sometimes he needs to find the perimeter of the metal. If the metal was 20 inches long in length and the width is 30 inches long and the height is 3 inches, what would the area be? If you multiply 20x30x3, the product would be 1800.The are of the metal would be 1800 inches.


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