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Meg's Spring Rolls


Write up:The spring rolls i created are packed with starchy vegetables, which offer many vitamins, minerals and fiber to help the body function properly. Two rolls filled a whole days worth of recommended veggies, about 2.5 cups! I also put in tofu, which adds protein for energy, calcium for strong bones, and iron to help with transporting oxygen throughout the blood vessels. Tofu is part of the meat and bean group. The rolls were wrapped in rice cake rounds, which provide a serving of grains (rice). My sauce was made up of hoisin sauce, peanut butter, and lime juice. The peanut butter adds some extra protein!!I chose this recipe because i enjoy Thai food and liked the balance of veggies, tofu, the tasty sauce, and because it's healthy. Healthy foods like spring rolls are important because they give you the nutrients you need to grow and stay energetic. Also, eating foods that are low in sodium, cholesterol and fat is important to prevent diseases in the future!

TofuCelophane noodlesShredded carrotCut-up cucumber and napa cabbageBean sproutsFresh cilantroRice paper roundsHoisin sauceGreen onionFresh lime juicePeanut butterBrown sugarRed pepper flakes


Steps to make A Spring Roll...

Directions1. cut up veggies2. soften noodles and rice paper rounds3. layer ingredients onto the rounds4. carefully fold and turn5. combine the sauce ingredients6. plate and ENJOY!!

Mmmm...mmm... good!!



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