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SREB Standards for Online Teaching, challenges (1-3) and solutions

“Each student needs a quality teacher. That means someone who knows how to teach — and can show it. It also means someone who knows the subject matter well — and can prove it. Most of all, it means someone who is successful in raising student achievement.”Goals for Education: Challenge to Lead, Southern Regional Education Board, 2002

Technological Know-how

Accredited, Licensed and Professional

plans, designs and implements strategies to encourage collaboration

understands and is responsive to learning differences


understands how the learner thinks and experiences the material...

models legal and ethical behavior

stays connected and provides frequent feedback

I struggle with staying connected in my personal life, planning my time wisely and using my resources effectively. Since I know this is a problem, I am focusing on time management and incorporating time for feedback and communication.

I feel a little like I am a first-year teacher all over again...I have to try what works and build up a resource of strategies and materials.

Staying up-to-date with technology that changes fast as lightning is a challenge for anyone in the field of online teaching. NCVPS is providing extensive training that helps A LOT, but I also have to put in a lot of personal time to experience the tools and resources we've discussed.



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