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April, 1843Ma and pa had just told me that we are moving west tomorrow. I am worried that we might run into a big brown bear. My name is Juliet May Range. I hope my best friend Marrie will come.April, 1843Finally on the road and I found the most beautiful flower ever.Everybody is surprised because they have never seen it before.The flower is purple with yellow pollen in it. It also had thornson it that poked you. I had all ready cut my had on but ma just rapped it, so it can heal.April, 1843I had just seen a snake. It was very ugly. It had brown scales and was white on the bottom. I didn't know what to do so I touched it. It bit me so I screamed and pa came to see what had happened, and I told him and he said that it was a Gardner Snake so I would be okay. January, 1860Ma keeps on saying that we are all most done but I am not sure if she is right. I hope I will live tell we get there. I have been sick for a couple months. Pa Marrie and I will make new friends there even though I haven't found Marrie yet. I am very skinny I hardly ever get to eat. Ma says thatis why I am so sick. I am very scared thatI will die because a little over a 100 people died of what I have. Hopefully we don't run into any animals again.May, 1869It is finally the day before we get there. I am very excited because I will be able to find my bestfriend Marrie. Ma says I shouldn't worry to much about Marrie because I should worry about were we are going to live. I just found the most exciting news ever. I will be there in one hour so ma made go to bed.May, 1869I finally made it. I have also found Marrie, she is very excited to see me. She said that she was looking for me too. The place is beautiful. There is green grass, colored flowers, and huge trees. The sun is shining and were here. The best part is that I can wonder off and not get in trouble. Iam not sick any more so I can play outside with Marrie. To add on to the great news my mom is going to have another baby. This is the day I have been waiting for. I also am still mad about moving. We were living fine then we had to move. For no reason, but any way we are here and this is the best day of my entire life.



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