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Social Studies

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Economy: The Aztec economy was based in the growth and sale of corn. Corn is native to the region. It was planted by a digging stick. The Aztecs were fortunate to have good farming of the marshlands. This allowed them to use fertile mud from the lake bottom to fertilize their crops, which in turn, helped them to sell and make a profit off crops.

Social Classes: There were two main social classes and many “sub-classes” The two main classes were the nobles and the commoners.

The common people were called the macehualli, they mostly worked the land and some were hired and others were even slaves. However, a common soldier had a good chance to rising in the ranks.

Nobles were called pilli and were wealthy. They owned slaves and were the most powerful, or on top of the hierarchy.

Laws: During the time, Aztecs believed the gods had power over people so their laws covered many aspects of life, like: laws about marriage, inheriting items, the class system, and economic situations. If a law was broken punishment was harsh and most crime was dealt with in a local court. Common punishments were the death penalty, slavery and exile.



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