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House On Mango Street

The Carnival is where Esperanza and Sally went and the Red Clowns attacked Esperanza, and Sally didn't help her."I was waiting by the red clowns. I was standing by the tilt-a-whirl where you said"(Cisneros 99).

This is the building of the Peter Pan Finishers company where Esperanza gets a job to pay for her schooling. Esperanza's Aunt, Aunt Lala, is the one who got her the job because she also worked there. Also, the old Oriental man who said hello and kissed Esperanza one day."...I went in and saw the boss of the Peter Pan Photo Finishers on North Broadway where Aunt Lala worked and lied about my age like she told me to and sure enough, I started the same day"(Cisneros 54).

The yellow cadillac was stolen by Louie's cousin, and he let Esperanza, Lucy, and Rachel in the car for a joy ride. Then Louie's cousin heard police sirens so he made everyone get out of the car. He then tried to speed out of the narrow sideroad but ran into a pole. Esperanza and the other girls waved casually when the police drove by with Louie's cousinin the back."...when he drove up in this great big yellow Cadillac with whitewalls and a yellow scaf tied around the mirror" (Cisneros 24)."Louie's cousin stopped the car right where we were and said, Everybody out of the car"(Cisneros 24).



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