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Teacher-Level FactorsThe Big 3

Instructional Strategies

maintaining appropriate mental set

7 actions steps given for effective classsroom management: Ex: procedural rules, disciplinary interventions, awareness of diff. types of students.

Classroom Management

Classroom Curriculum Design

should NOT be solely based on layout of textbook

establishing & enforcing rules

carrying out disciplinary actions

teacher & student relationships

5 action steps given for effective curriculum design:Ex: present content multiple times, identify procedures to be mastered; engage students in complex tasks to learn in uniques ways

based on 3 principles of cognitive psychology (exposure, structure, focus)

declarative vs. procedural knowledge

the most effective teachers produce gains of about 53 percentage points in student achievement.

1 action step given to successfully implement research-based instructional strategies:Ex: regular intervals in a unit, student input experience, focus on reviewing, practicing and applying content

Marzano identifies 9 research-based instructional strategies that produce student achievement

John Hattie's research is outlined, which includes tutoring and mastery learning (19 percentile gains) and homework (17 percentile gains)

the least effective teachers produce gains of about 14 percentage points in student achievement.

students gain about 6 percentage points by simply growing ONE YEAR OLDER



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