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Requirements for the First Activity

メッセージを入れようRead pages 1 - 94 Then... - put a graphic on the poster that represents the setting. Then put a text box on the poster stating what you think about the setting of the story. Don't just state what you think the setting is, state what you think about the setting. For example would you want to live there?

Step 1

On the poster enter the name of who you think is the main character. - What do you think about this character? - Put a graphic on the poster of a person you think your character should look like.

Step 2

Finally, choose 4 passages from your reading that you would like to share. I added an example of what I am looking for below:

Step 3

"Nailer considered trying to swim again, but discarded the idea. It was just his mind playing tricks, fantasizing that the liquid all around was actually water. But oil was different."

Wow! I did not know that you could not swim in water!



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