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History is nothing but the activity of man pursuing his aims... Marx 1845

An occupational being...doing purposeful things....

Mother, wife, therapist, teacher, friend, cyclist, neighbour....

Feed the housework, shop, cook, clean, gardening, filing......

Play time.....mommy be a a lego house, read a book.

Go out for dinner, see a movie, play Halo 3, go for a wolk, swimming, read a grown up book, see friends, visit family.

Over the years the way I spend my time and the things I do has changed dramatically. I had the fortune to recognise early on that it was much easier to change the things I do than to change who I I set off on this journey with a promise to do whatever seemed challenging or scary...I believe this is a fundamental prinicple of OT - we can enable people to be who they want to be by enabling them to do the things they want and need to do...Words of wisdom from my father....whatever you choose to do in life..make sure you enjoy it.

Work - learn, develop, practice, create, invent, read, research, new people, new ideas,new challenges


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