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Glog #7

Incoming StudentsDear Future Students,We hope the food forest property will be prepped and ready for you to get it going. The idea is a great one and we hope to see it become a reality! Get ready to put in some hard work by weeding, planting and harvesting. Don't forget your gloves and make sure you are ready to put in some hard work. The great thing is knowing that you contributed to a great cause and its wonderful to be out in nature's majesty.

AccomplishmentsDuring this semester we had the oppurtunity to visit the Food Forest three times. Our first visit allowed us to see the site and to get acquanited with it. Many of us though the Food Forest was developed and we were surprised at the amount of work it will require to get it functioning. The second visit is when we did some hard labor. We attempted to weed out the area but these weeds were relentless. We gave it our all, and hopefully its a good start. As you know taking care of patch of land will take lots of work and time.Our third visit allowed us to clean uo the area, we got rid of any debris, tried our best to condense the decomp pilesinto one large one and other students began to put cardboard on the field in hopes of getting rid of the weeds. This visit also marked our final visit for this semester.

GOALS We would love to come back to HCC and see the Food Forest thriving! We would want nothing more than to have students enjoy the bounties of the Food Forest. This is what we all want, a place for future generations to learn about sustaniability and to have a place where they can help to create and maintain a special place like the Food Forest.If the Food Forest doesn't work out in the near future it would be great to see students volunteer at an elementary school to help with their established gardens in the community.

ProjectThe Food Forest project was an oppurtunity to apply mathematical concepts taught in class and to relate them through a project. The Food Forest project is not only a great idea to help the citizens of HCC learn about sustainability but it also connects us with how math is indeed part of our everyday lives!

Individual CommitmentOur group is committed to reading food labels more carefully and watching what we put into our bodies. We are also making a commitment to try to buy produce that is locally grown by visiting faremer's markets in our communities. We also hope to start our own gardens once we get out of college.

Dear Sasha,Today was our final day out to the site and we are happy to see that the area is getting prepared for the second phase. Most of the debris has been cleared, large weeds and small trees have been cleared, and we worked on putting carboard on the field to suffociate the remaining weeds. We also tried our best to make one large pile of the discarded material. We hope we can come back soon to help with the Food Forest and to also contribute financially once we graduate from HCC. We believe in this project and we wish you nothing but success.Although we didn't get to see any planting done, we know that one day this project will become a reality.Best of Luck,MGF1107 Fall 2014



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