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How did Aphrodite had influenced on her modern day.Something is that she was really beautiful and she could make people fall in love



Facts1.Aphrodite was not always nice.When people made her angry she was not afraid.She was also very proud because she could make gods fall in love.2.The island of cyprus has many places belived to been enjoyed by Aphrodite when she was earth.Aphrodite son was cupid.3.Aphrodite was married to the smith god Hephaestus but had many lovers among both and men.As venus she was the mother of the roman

Why was aphrodite famous for making people fall in love

ResourcesBooksEyewitness books mythology.Websites www.netTrekker.Other The ultimate encycolpedia-of Mythology

APRODITE was gorgeous,perfect,eternally young woman with a beautiful body.Aphrodite simbybol is her girdle, witch has magical powers to complet love.Aphrodite rising from the foam off the island.A bit stuck on herself but with a perfect face and body.

Thank you for watching my glogster.I learned lots of information about Aphrodite.I guess you did to because i did



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