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"At least we have a cabin to stay in now," I said. "A cabin with a stove--we can stay warm. Do you think that the plane will come back, take a look around here?" page 131

Raymond Providence is a native of the Nahanni Butte. He becomes Gabe's roommate at the boarding school in Yellowknife.

Gabe Rogers is a boy from Texas. He's traveled to the Canadian Northwest Territory to go to boarding school. This way Gabe hopes to be able to see his dad when he is not working on the drilling rigs.

"I looked up and saw Clint struggling into the ice along the shore, crawling on his knees. At least he was on his feet and snubbing the rope around the only tree within reach. Too late? The plane was already into the first choppy waves of the rapids. I caught a glimpce of Raymond's face, the white of his eyes: he knew we were dead." pages 57-58

Theme:The theme of this book is to always to take care of yourself and your family.1st ex. Gabe helped do things like collecting fire wood and starting a fire because

Far NorthbyWill Hobbs 280 pgs.People who love nature will enjoy reading this adventureous book.

Raymond hurt his foot.2nd ex: Johnny took care of hunting the food like a moose, beaver, and a rabbit.

Somebody: In Far North roomates Gabe and Raymond and Raymond's great uncle, Johnny Raven, survive a plane crash on the Virginia Falls. { a water fall }

But:They have only a few things to live on so they have to hunt for food. After Johnny Raven's death, Gabe and Raymond have to become a team to try to keep the fire going to be rescued. Will they survive?

Wanted:They were on a sight seeing tour when the plane crashes and they are forced to survive in the Canadian Wilderness.

by Morgan Reasinger



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