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My name is Jeremy. I am a 10 year old boy. We live in a town named Independence, Missouri. I amskinny, with bown hair, blue eyes. I am wearing a flamel shirt, woolen under shirt, thick cotton socks, shoes,a poncho.Apiril,23,1843 in Independence, MissouriMy ma and pa told me before I went to bed that we are going to go to Oregon. I was very sad because I would not want to leave my friends and my family.Apiril,24,1843It is the day that we are leaving. My tummy is feeling quizy about going. We can not bring my mom's favorite lamp or my favorite dog Spot. We left them behind with my cousin. We have to bringflour, sugar, bacon, coffee beans, lard, spices, dried fruit, beans, and rice for food. All of these supplies and along with cooking tools need to go in the covered wagon. Our cow will come along with us to give us some milk when we run out. We started off on the trail. The roads are not smooth so when the wheels roll over a bump everthing in the wagon gets bounced or josted.May,25,1843,It has been raining for a couple of days . We have not been able to start a fire. All we had to eat are sea biscuits. Sea biscuits are a mixture of flour and water baked a long time in a slow oven. Some of the people on the trail are getting sick. They think they are getting cholera. Cholera is an infection of the small intestine.June,18,1843 We are at Fort Laramie in the state of Whoming. In Fort Laramie we rested here and got more supplies. During the day we played games such as London Brige, run,sheep,run, leap frog, and button- button. And while we were exploring we saw prairie dogs, snakes, and rabbits.July20,1843 at North Plat River in WyomingI was very scared to cross the river cause I was afraid of drownding. People had to take supplies out of the wagonsso that other people could ride on one. We lost alot of supplies crossing the river.August1,1843 at IdahoWe traded with the Native Americans to give us some supplies. We gave them clothes, tobacco, and rifles and we recived horses, and food.September 9, 1843I am so excited to get to Oregon. My dad is going to build a house for us when we get there.October 28,1843 at OregonWe are here at Oregon I am so excited, we went to get a hotel tell my dad got some wood to build our house. I am going to have a great life in Oregon.



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