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Lawyers work with clients and advise them during legal situations. They might represent them during court when there are criminal crimes commmited. They gather information about the past, clients, and witnesses when having to go to court. They apply the information they research to the advice and decisions they make for the client. They announce and represent their clients to the judge when there is a case in court. They have to analyze the probable outcomes of cases. Also, they have to study the laws and legal obligations. This means they have to know things such as the constitution.


Lawyers should have good active listening, decision making, critical thinking, writing, persuasive, time managment, and reading comprehension skills, because you have to be able to listen to your clients, look over evidence, and announce things to judges.

*work in offices and courts*client's house, office,prison,or hospital.*might have to travel long distances depending on amount of evidence needed for case*spend time in libraries/other record keeping places

Human and Public services

Lawyers are increasing through 2012 at an average rate, slowly though because of job marketing competiton. Things such as environment, sexual harrasement, and property rights keep the business going. (Increase in litigation fields)

GOE # 11.04.02DOT# 110.107-010Holland Code: ESI

You should take classes dealing with law and government, English language, customer service, administration and management, computers and electronics, personal and human resources, and classes that demonstrate clerical skills.

Beginners: 78,330Experienced: 166,400

Lawyers could work for real estate agencies, insurance companies, and local governments.

law degree

graduate school

bachelor's degree

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