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Mr. Kane's Class !

Welcome to Mr. Kane's Glog! This is the main page for World Cultures II and Economics/Political ScienceWorld Cultures II: This course is really a Western Civilization course, but we will study other civilizations and societies as often as time permits. This course will begin with a unit on comparitive religion and cover developments in Europe and elsewhere through the Reign of Napoleon and beyond...*Click on the "Hammurabi Monument" for the home page.Economics/ Political Science: This course begins with an in depth analysis of the U.S. Constitution. You will read and discuss the entire deal with it! Next, we will analyze the American political process. Students will learn about liberalism and conservatism, major and minor political parties, and propoganda techniques used in political commericals. Students will also discuss current "hot botton" issues that influence the political process. In the second semester we will examine economic systems and consumer economics... surveying free market economics to union labor*Click on the "Republican/Democrat Symbols" to access the home page.



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