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Louisiana Creatures


American Alligator

Apperance•The crayfish is typical of most shrimplike crustaceans and is characterised by a joined head and thorax, or midsection, and a segmented body, which is sandy yellow, green, white, pink or dark brown in colour.

Habitat:Crayfish live in streams, swamps, rivers and lakes.

Food:Crawfish eat algaesnails, and insect larvae. Crawfish also like to munch on worms, tadpoles and water plants.

Enemies:Birds eat crawfish.Otters, muskrats, and raccoons think crayfish are a treat.Turtles, frogs and snakes also eat crayfish. Humans love to eat them, too!

Appearance:The American alligator has a large lizard-like body with four short legs and a long muscular tail. A gator's hide is rough and scaled. Young alligators are black with bright yellow blotches and stripes. Adults are a uniform dark color.

Food:Feeds on fishes, turtles, mammals, snakes, birds, and even other alligators (under certain conditions); also will eat carrion.


Enemies:Juvenile alligators are attacked and killed by fish, birds, mammals, and larger alligators. Their main threat at one time was humans, who hunted them almost to extinction just to use their hides for clothes and accessories: coats, shoes, purses, wallets, etc. Today hunting is prohibited. Another indirect cause to their dwindling population was their use as pets; when they got too big they were given to zoos, killed, or released into the sewer system. American alligators have made a comeback. They are today ruled as threatened.



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