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glog 6804

Pam Munoz Ryan

Esperanza Rising"When I was a young girl, Grandma used to tell me what her life was like when she first came to the U.S. from Mexico. I heard stories about the company farm coamp where she lived and worked and the lifelong friends she made there"

Pam Munoz Ryan was raised in California's San Joaquin Valley. She is the oldest of 3 sisters and the oldest of 23 cousins on her mothers side. She grew up with many of her aunts and uncles and grandparents nearby and considers herself truly American because of her diverse cultural background.

Mariana Anderson is best known for her historic concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in 1939, which of amore than $75,00 people in pre-Civil Rights America. While this event showcases the uniquness of Marian's voice, the strenght of her character, and the struggles of the times in which she lived is told.

Recieved her Bachelor's and Master's Degree at San Diego State University. She now lives in north San Diego County with her husband and four children.

Paint the WindUntil the idea for this story came to me, I'd been on horsback only a few times. Now, I have taken hundreds of lessons with top-notch trainers, sometimes riding three days a week to prepare for my research rides. As my character Maya, grew in my imagination, I discoverd new territory, too away from the safe and familiar.



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