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Social Studies

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To fear God and maintain His ChurchTo serve the liege lord in valour and faithTo protect the weak and defencelessTo give succour to widows and orphansTo refrain from the wanton giving of offenceTo respect the honour of womenNever to refuse a challenge from an equalNever to turn the back upon a foe poster yourself

pos yourself

It started out with a man named Galahad who saved or rescued Percivale from the 20 knights. Galahad, shortly after rescuing Percivale had a head injury then vanished for a while. Meanwhile back at the castle Corbin, Sir Ulfin is approached by a woman who was at first a stranger then later found out to be Percivale's sister. Sir Ulfin, Percivale, and sister went to Castle Carteloise and killed the rulers three sons due to raping their sisters and imprisoning Lord Earl Hernux. Galahad became King which was chosen by the people, but died shortly after being crowned king. Percivale and Bors died as well and it ended the quest for Sangreal. yourself

To live by honour and for gloryTo despise pecuniary rewardTo fight for the welfare of allTo obey those placed in authorityTo guard the honour of fellow knightsTo eschew unfairness, meanness and deceitTo keep faith At all times to speak the truthTo persevere to the end in any enterprise begunposter yourself

Originally, who was to uphold this code? Knights of the middle age and Medieval era..How many of the precepts dealt with the care of individuals? 4.How many of these precepts dealt with the protection of individuals? 3How many dealt with the protection of city-state/nation? 3How many dealt with the deportment of the protectors? 8Who in the society would emulate the protector’s actions? Knights, noblemen.How many of the precepts concern a spiritual belief? 2How many of these echo a biblical law? 10What is an historical account? Showing the development of an instance..What is a myth? A traditional or legendary story, usually containing a hero or being.What is a legend? A story passed down from the past..Define moral: Of or relating to principles of right and wrong..Define mores: folkways of central importance accepted without question.Define precept: A commandment or direction given as a rule of action.What year did Chivalry ‘start’? 1098-1100.Which country? England.Who was bound by the code? Knights.

Percivale SummaryLe morte d' Arthur



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