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An infant grows her own heart in her mother’s soft womb, and rests on her mother’s lap even before her umbilical cord is cut.A toddler see’s the frozen rime covered grass for the first time because her mother decided to take her outside in the bug red colored wagon.,and discovers the joy of colored crayons and computer paper only because her mother shows them to her. A pre-schooler rides her little blue bicycle with her mother holding onto her back and is having too much fun to think of her mother keeping her from hitting the cold cement. A child studies spelling words and practices her cursive at the kitchen table while her mother prepares a warm family dinner,and she eats the meal too quickly to taste her mothers sweat and tears .A teenager studies for exams instead of giver her mother a real mother’s day present, while her mother quizs her diligently and makes sure all of her friends have enough food to eat for their study session. And this,This is a teenager’s way of saying thankyou for all the times I forgot to say it



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