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January 1848I am exaited too go to California. I am glad we will be leaveing Mississippi. I got a feeling that we are going to strike it rich, we are leaving tomorrow. My mom is not going so its just me and my dadThe next day,We are packing our wagon today, we are bringing food like corn, dried beans, fruit, and water.March 1848I saw a little lizzard. We are in Texas it is dry and hot. I wish i didnot have too wear a dress cause it is so heavey and makes my sweat.April 1848We crossed the Rio Grande River today. It was scary. Every one was so happy that we got acorssed so we had a feast. We ate deer, fresh bread, corn, and berries. Some started to play the guitar and people danced some told stories. We lost some pans while crossing the river.May 1848We are finally in California! I hope we find gold soon.



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