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He was the 16th president and he helped end slavery.

Abraham Lincoln was born in1809 and died in 1865 when he was 58 years old.

Abraham Lincoln

Before he was a presedent he was a shopkeeper and postman .

He married Mary Todd. He had 4 children.

Personal life

Early life

You might know Lincoln as a hero, but did you think about his early life? He was born in a log cabin in Kentucky. But he went to a little formal school and his parents said he did good in school.

Abraham Lincoln wasa father of four kids.He lived with six people in the log cabin.

You might not know this, but Abraham Linclon is dead. He got shot by John Wilkes Booth.


By:Logan, Nicholas, Dianna, and Jordan

ResourcesWho was Abraham Linclon by Stone Tanya Lee Abraham Linclonby Russell FreemanAbraham Linclon a Photo Biography.



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